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Rose Wedding Package



Rose Package is priced for a moderate size wedding party and includes the Bride's bouquet, 4 Bridesmaids, Groom, 4 Groomsmen, 2 Fathers, 2 Mothers, 2 extra boutonniers and 2 extra corsages.  Rose petals can be subsituted  for the extra flowers.

 The Bride's Bouquet consists of 24 standard roses in your choice of color with 7 stems of sweetherta roses.

More colors available 

 The Bridesmaid's bouquets are three open standard roses in your choice of color with a collar of filler flower and sheer ribbon accents.

 Corsages are made from sweetheart roses with a touch of filler flower and matching ribbon. 

All boutonniers are made from a single standard rose.

 Why it works as a package. Each package is created and priced by the total bundle of flowers needed to fill the order. There is absolutely no waste for us, therefore we have forgone the standard waste fee and are giving the savings to you. We have also reduced the labor fee in order to offer these packages at a reduced price. This package includes: 5 bouquets, 9 boutonniers, 4 corsages and 4 pew bows. this is a taxable purchase @6%.  Local delivery charges will apply if needed.

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